About MC-NPL

Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library (MC-NPL)

The Children’s Department is housed on the 2nd floor of the Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library (MC-NPL), with approximately 6,000 square feet of space that includes an extensive collection of materials and formats as well as the following:

  • Early learning play space
  • Tables for homework and group projects
  • Comfortable seating for kids and adults
  • Public bathrooms
  • Staff work room
  • Children’s Learning Center, a dedicated programming space.  This programming space features tile flooring, a story time carpet, yoga mat & floor pillow storage, walk-in storage closet for materials, a cabinet housing 2 children’s computers, and three cafeteria-style built-in tables that can be secured into the wall when not needed.

Despite a fantastic programming space, many of the planned programs for this summer will not be held in the Learning Center, but on the floor of the department.  We hope that having programs “in the open” will encourage parents and children to participate as we  re-vamp our programming to an inquiry-based learning style.  Perhaps the best PR will be a chance for kids and parents to actually see what participants are doing.

An urban library in Norristown, Pennsylvania, MC-NPL is located 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia.  Residents of Norristown borough are predominantly of African-American and Latino descent. The elementary school  located one block from the library is 60% Latino and has 95% of their students enrolled in the free or reduced lunch program.   Serving as the District Center Library for Montgomery County, MC-NPL also provides services and materials to all 34 libraries of Montgomery County and their patrons.